Aunties House Arrival Information

We would like to meet you upon arrival, welcome you, and give you an orientation to Aunties House. In order to do so, we'd like to have your ferry or flight arrival information in order to know when to expect you.

We've created an easy to use form to help you supply us with this information. Please do not just text us "the ferry that arrives at 6:30" or "the one that arrives from Santorini". These do not help us at all, as there might be multiple ferries arriving at the same time, and it can get very confusing with delays and all, plus there might be several ferries from a given destination arriving that day. Please use the form below. Thank you.

You may also use this form to send us a clear image of your passport, if you haven't done so already. For Identification requirements, please visit the Information page.

For directions on how to get to Aunties House from the main ferry pier, please see Map and Directions.
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